Brand guidelines are rules that are applied to a company in order to represent the brand effectively and consistently through its marketing materials. During any design process, these guidelines are used as a reference point. 

What’s important to note is that a company actually has a personality just like any person does. When the company personality is laid out and clarified, the result of it is brand guidelines, which in other words, are core values that will be used as a framework to further develop the brand. Over time, brand guidelines are meant to evolve along with the changes in the market.

The best way to establish your company’s brand guidelines is to focus on the customer and how they perceive or are meant to perceive the company.

What sets the company apart from your competitors? Why would the customer trust your company over any other in particular? By answering these two questions, you will be able to produce what is called the “brand promise” and “vision statement” of your business.

When creating brand guidelines for your company, colors should be chosen wisely as it is one of the key design elements of branding. Hence, deciding on the main color palette that will be used in marketing materials will be a huge part of the process. Supporting colors can be later chosen to complement the primary palette and underscore the meaning behind your brand’s visual content.

Moreover, fonts, slogans, acronyms, symbols, logos and other elements that clearly help identify the company should also be firmly established within the brand guidelines. The effort spent on outlining brand guidelines since the beginning will prevent immense waste of time and resources later on. 

Once your brand guidelines are complete, they will require a straightforward, cheap and scalable way of distribution. Similar to how marketing assets can be stockpiled into a single location for ease of access and coordination, brand guidelines should also be easily accessible by any department in the company when needed.

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