A brand manager is the person who is in charge of overseeing the image of a product, service, person, or overall brand. Brand managers will coordinate between different media outlets, marketing campaigns, and other projects to ensure a consistent brand image. They typically skip all the other managerial roles and report straight to the CEO or president of a company.

A critical task of a brand manager is to constantly conduct market research in order to understand what it lacks and what it needs. Being able to predict future trends, a brand manager plans the next marketing campaigns for the company just as the trend is about to rise. They also analyze the best ways to market any given product or business by considering all the fitting brand archetypes.

Typically, brand managers are involved in overseeing all branding and marketing efforts of a company to ensure that they align with the overall vision of the business. When it comes to getting in contact with the press, brand managers need to be able to pitch stories and figure out how to frame any given brand in the best and most positive way.

Skills Brand Managers Need

All of these responsibilities make storytelling a crucial skill for brand managers. Every brand has a story to share with the world and the brand manager is in charge of defining and delivering the stories that the market wants to hear as well as the ones that the clients want to tell. Being able to find the balance between the two parties is what defines a great brand manager.

Moreover, relationship-building is another key component of success for brand managers. By discovering what motivates the client and what motivates the market, the brand manager needs to find the overlap and seamlessly connect the two. 

Brand managers most often have degrees in either public relations or communication. They are often excellent speakers and are naturally able to convince and produce the desired effect onto their audiences. However, a degree in marketing, journalism, and business would also be a great foundation for the role of a brand manager.

Salary of a Brand Manager

On average, a brand manager earns $70,500 a year.

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