A brand strategist’s job is to ensure that the company’s brand messages are effectively and consistently communicated to its target audiences. They commonly work under a brand manager and are placed within the marketing team of a company. Their daily tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing positioning recommendations
  • Conducting and analyzing market research
  • Defining and executing brand messages and tone of voice

Due to them being responsible for the previously mentioned tasks, brand strategists often need to be forward-thinking since foreseeing future market trends is an essential part of their work. To succeed in such a role, brand strategists must also be incredibly detail-oriented and analytical as they will have to deal with statistics.

Therefore, as a prerequisite for this job position, one should be able to prove their skills and experiences relating to market analysis. Typically, the person offered this role is someone who holds a degree in Business or Marketing.

A brand strategist’s job is one that is not without its challenges. There will be high pressure as the job involves more than just managing a company’s reputation and position within the industry and establishing meaningful relationships with customers.

Brand strategists will have to handle all forms of a company’s branding efforts, whether that would be brand storytelling, the brand’s visual identity, or even the planning and execution of marketing campaigns. For this reason, a brand strategist should also ideally have good knowledge and understanding of SEO, web development, graphic design, and social media platforms. 

As a starter, a brand strategist’s work begins with getting acquainted with the unmet needs and expectations of the target market and comparing them with the brand’s current offers. Then, they will have to communicate distinct brand messages through the channels in which they believe will be most effective when reaching out to their target customers.

In order to be ahead of its competitors in the market, it is a brand strategist’s job to figure out how they can create brand messages that will allow the company to stand out. They often do this by analyzing current market data and trends, and then using these results to develop a substantial marketing plan that will further lead to conversion. 

Salary of Brand Strategists

As cited by PayScale, the average salary of a brand strategist is approximately $66,384 per year.

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