A design agency is a type of agency that focuses on digital and print design services. At times, they may offer companies guidance on marketing or branding strategies as well. A design agency will often work in collaboration with other parties, such as engineers and consultants, to implement its design.

Some of the best design agencies in the world are:

  • Landor – A classic name in the industry, and well known for its global presence, and strong branding heritage. Nice to know: Walter Landor himself held his office on a boat in San Fransisco Bay.
  • Cartils – One of the world’s first branding agencies (founded prior to 1960) Widely recognized for creating amongst others, the Heineken logo as we know now it, including the ‘smiling e’. More recently, it created the new identity for Finlandia vodka and Acqua Panna.
  • Pentagram – With their slogan stating that they are “the world’s largest independently-owned design studio”, Pentagram employs 24 designers that specialize in niches such as architecture, packaging, art, and fashion. Owners have a hands-on approach to management and serve as primary contacts for clients. They even lend a helping hand during the design process themselves.
  • Bruce Mau – A famous design studio that claims to “build brands from the inside out”. From visual identities to branding and design identity, Bruce Mau is a prominent name in the design industry.

Discussing goals and ideas before hiring a design agency would be the optimal approach for any company. Any kind of preparatory work proves that the company is a serious client and cuts down on the number of design modifications needed to reach the final product. In addition, budget and time constraints should also be discussed straight away.

Honesty is something that truly pays off when working with a design agency. Even if the agency in question cannot help fulfill the company’s specific needs, they might know a few partners that can and will be able to recommend them. Not every design agency is capable of taking on every project, and that is completely normal. 

When working with a proper design agency, they will ask various questions about the project in order to fully understand your needs and expectations. To find the right fit for you, it is best that you do your research on the different design agencies to see which ones can or can’t provide you with what your company needs.

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