Today, there are countless roles that exist within a creative agency, and for people who might not be so familiar with what agencies do and how they are organized, it is easy to confuse these roles with one another.

While there are so many different roles within an agency, ranging from management, to design, production, and communication teams, some of the most important roles include:

Particularly in this section, we’ll be discussing what exactly a design director is, and what his or her main tasks and responsibilities are. Simply put, a design director oversees the entire design for branding and advertising for a project. They work closely with both the client and the design teams to make sure that everything meets the client’s expectations. They present design concepts to clients and do their best to ensure that the image clients desire to promote for either their product, service or company has been successfully executed.

One of the biggest challenges that design directors face is finding the balance between their creativity and time constraint. Design directors are incredibly talented and they’re going to want to push their creativity to its highest potential for each project.

However, trying to do all that while also aiming to meet clients’ deadline can be very hard to manage. Hence, while they may want to produce the most artistically complex projects, they have to make sure that everything can be completed on time and in the best quality. 

There will be times when design directors will have to deal with stubborn clients who won’t be welcoming to new ideas. They want to completely stick to their visions of the project without wanting to listen to professional advice. Although this can be frustrating for design directors, they will still have to follow through with it, even if it is usually not a final product that they take pride in creating. 

At the end of the day, a design director’s goal is to satisfy the clients. They want to see their clients’ businesses take off and reach its highest potential. While the job may be difficult for one person to handle, design directors actually find the job very fulfilling. Through their creative and impactful ideas, they find pleasure in seeing their client’s eyes light up when they present concepts that can help transform their companies. 

Salary of Design Director

On average, a design director earns approximately $139,000 a year.

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