A digital agency is a type of advertising agency that mainly focuses on producing marketing campaigns for digital media platforms. These agencies guide and assist companies with creating dynamic and creative marketing campaigns that mix together different kinds of marketing assets such as text, audio, and video content in order to engage their target consumers. 

Often times, a digital agency will drive customers to its business by implementing either:

  • Targeted advertising
  • Online lead generation
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • App development
  • Mobile campaigns

In order to successfully create a customized marketing campaign, a digital agency needs to have a profound understanding of how a particular medium works and how information spreads through it.

Rather than interrupting the user experience with text that says  “this content brought to you by”, a digital agency intelligently weaves marketing into the content and interacts with the audience on a level playing field. This approach lessens the hostility that a typical internet user would have towards traditional marketing campaigns.

The difference between traditional and digital media is that in traditional media, there is an apparent distribution hierarchy. In this case, there is a centralized content producer who gets to decide which types of content are seen by the consumer.

However, when it comes to online media, the consumer is the one who gets to choose and modify the content, often on the spot. The content, therefore, takes its own journey, naturally spreading throughout online communities without any extra measures needed.

Typically, a digital agency will work on producing campaigns for several different channels at once. If a marketing campaign is properly presented to the likings of the specific online community, there is a chance that it could go viral.

This virality can then increase conversation about the topic or the brand/digital agency that created the campaign. Simultaneously, this can also lead to an increase in traffic within the brand’s online platforms.  The increased traffic will trigger a response from search engines, which will place the topic and the content higher in search results, leading to even more traffic. Perhaps, even news agencies could start producing articles on such a topic.

Ultimately, digital agencies help save various companies’ money and efforts by creating growth opportunities that are developed by online users.

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