A font is a group of letters with design and style details. It is used to give the text a unique appearance and increase its readability.

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes and are differentiated by the embellishments on individual letters. Those derived from the same font are later grouped in families that determine their styles. For example, a font family could contain the following styles:

  • Regular
  • Light
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Italic bold

When buying a font, font creators will often offer the option of buying the entire family, however there will always be at least two styles of font within a font family. It is advisable to purchase a font family only if there is a need for similar fonts within the same design. For example, a company that wants to issue both digital and print versions of the same magazine might want to have at least two fonts to provide the readers with a sense of novelty while also maintaining its brand identity.

Every designer will have a favorite font, most recently, being Avenir. When asked about why they favor that particular font, designers usually mention that font makes their creation seem more amazing. Whether they are meant to look clean, vintage, classy, or feminine, each font has its own strengths that are worth considering for all types of designs.

How to Use a Font 

Before use, fonts have to be installed and some of them will have to be licensed. On Windows 10 and earlier Windows versions, installing a font is as simple as dragging and dropping the font file into the “Fonts” folder found within the Control Panel. On Mac, installing a font involves double-clicking it on the Finder.

The recipient of a document with an unusual font needs to have it installed as well or the font will be replaced with a default one. Most word processing programs have the option of embedding the font file inside the document, however this will increase the document size by approximately 15 MB.

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