Logo, short for ‘logotype‘, is a word we use almost everyday, consciously or subconsciously. Besides this, we’re confronted with thousands of logo’s each day.

When we asked 20 people around us, only 1 person was able to explain what a logo really was, it seems so obvious that we’re all missing it.

So what really is a ‘logo design‘?


The ‘logotype’, also often referred to by professionals as the ‘wordmark’, which is the typographical element of a brand. The particular way in which it’s written is what defines the brand as you know it.

Note: Often designers will get their head fuming when this is referred to as a ‘font‘, especially as the wordmark, in their eyes, should be a unique and custom creation in which the letters have been adapted from it’s original form, not something that has just been typed in a text editor.

The difference between a Logo and an Icon

Often people confuse a Logo with the Icon (or symbol) that accompanies it.

When the Logo is the typographical element of the brand, then the Icon is the graphical element that often is displayed with it (or on it’s own).

The Combination Mark

It will be no surprise that the ‘combination mark’ will be a combination of the wordmark and the icon. This combination of 2 elements often allows you to recognize the brand immediately from a distance. Often when people, off the cuff, refer to a logo this is what they mean, and even professionals have a tendency to call a ‘combination mark’ a logo design¬†as well.

Examples of Icons (or Symbols or Logomark)

Here you will see some examples of famous logomarks:

Image result for nike logo without swoosh

Image result for starbucks logo

Examples of Logos (Wordmarks)

Here you will see some examples of famous wordmarks:

Image result for starbucks wordmark

Examples of a ‘Combination Mark’

Here you will see some examples of famous combination marks:

Related image

Image result for new starbucks logo

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