In a typical logo, the logomark refers to the image or symbol that is incorporated into the design to represent the brand visually. It usually does not include the name of the company, and because of this, designers are allowed to be as creative and imaginative as they want.

They may use a variety of shapes and symbols to come up with a unique logomark for a brand, and once consumers come across them, they’ll instantly be able to tell which company the logomark belongs to. 

The best thing about logomarks is that they are optimal for brands that aim to build a strong visual identity in the market. However, the disadvantage is that they are most appropriate for businesses that already have a well-established identity. This means that, oftentimes, logo marks are used by brands that are considered to be the market leaders of their industry.

Without a strong and recognizable identity, logomarks can sometimes cause brand confusion, which isn’t ideal for companies that are just starting out.

Examples of Logomarks

To gain a better perspective of what exactly a logomark is, think of companies such as Android, Pepsi, Apple, and Shell. These are some great examples of companies that use logo marks to represent their business.





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