A marketing director is the person in charge of developing, targeting and deploying a company’s marketing campaign. Marketing directors are essentially responsible for being the experienced managers of a company. They keep the staff in line to get the project delivered on time, under budget, and in proper shape.

Marketing directors typically have 3 major roles at work:

  • The Analyst – review available data from in-house and commissioned studies.
  • The Strategist – create short- and long-term marketing strategies for the company.
  • The Manager – hire, train and coordinate the staff to implement strategies based off of data and strategies from the first two roles.

Being both a manager and a negotiator at the same time, a marketing director also knows how to get the very best deal for the company when in contact with third parties such as freelancers and external suppliers.

One very important skill that marketing directors should have is communication. As the key person who is in charge of coordinating several departments, a marketing director should have excellent interpersonal skills so that they are able to hire and train competent and trustworthy staff for any role within the marketing team.

Additionally, experience will highly matter for this role. Ideally, a marketing director should have around 5-10 years of experience working in a marketing-related field. Knowledge of or at least familiarity with the creative side of the company is desirable, however, detailed understanding of finances will be a must. Those seeking this role will also need to have the drive and initiative to grow the market share of a company.

Since the execution of marketing campaigns is considered to be quite a high-demanding task in any company, it requires a person with attention to detail, inexhaustible patience, and high motivational skills. Versatility and leadership are commonly not explicitly stated as a requirement for the job position of a marketing director, yet they are highly crucial to the success of the role.

With all that has been said, this doesn’t mean that a marketing director has to be flawless. Although they will have one of the most important and powerful roles within the company, the ability to delegate and collaborate with others will also come into play to lower the amount of pressure of the job. 

Salary of Marketing Director

A marketing director typically earns about $108,000 a year. 

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