You’ve probably come across watermark images many times while browsing through the internet. As you may be wondering what exactly a watermark is and why people use them, we are here to explain it all to you in a simple manner. A watermark is simply a message that is superimposed onto an image with a great deal of transparency. It can appear in the form of a logo, stamp, or signature (see image below for an example).

Photo credit: Paolo Moretti, freelance designer

While some people may view it as something that is distracting to the eye, adding a watermark to your images is something that is really important and should not be neglected by any brand, website, or photographer. This is because they are used to help protect all digital works out there on online platforms.

Watermarks are commonly used by photo banks, individual people, or institutions that care a lot about the use of their work. By adding a watermark to their photos instead of within the content, it instantly helps prevent people from stealing them without giving credit or asking permission from the creator. 

Using Watermarks

As mentioned earlier, watermarks essentially protect the copyright of photos and images. Since other internet users might steal them to promote their own businesses online, watermarks are a great way to get the credit you deserve for the work you created. I mean, wouldn’t you want people to get permission from you before using your work in theirs? That’s right, you probably do.

Many creators feel the same way about this, hence why it’s not always easy to find free and legal photos to use commercially online. To be on the safer side, companies often opt to create the photos themselves so that they wouldn’t have to go through all the legal trouble. 

However, apart from copyright issues, watermarks can also be used as an effective way to promote your brand online. For example, when adding your logo to each of your images on Facebook or videos on YouTube, this allows you to claim ownership of your work. Simultaneously, it works greatly as a branding strategy as it helps users recognize you. Once they see the logo as a watermark on images or videos, they’ll immediately know who or what company the work belongs to. 

If you decide that you want to start using watermarks, one tip to remember is that you should always use it with positive content. This way, people will start associating your logo, stamp, or signature with positive things and qualities.

Furthermore, be sure to add watermarks in a way that accompanies the photo rather than interrupts it. Many people go wrong with this by choosing the cover the entire image with their watermark. However, it is highly recommended that you include you watermark in a smaller size within the corner (preferably lower right corner) of your image.

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