An account director is the person in charge of producing and ensuring that marketing campaigns are executed smoothly. They typically work with one or more clients (a.k.a accounts), fulfilling all their needs, and managing projects from start to finish.

Account directors primarily focus on customer relations. This involves advertising services to potential clients, devising marketing strategies and maintaining communication. On a day to day basis, account directors are required to be attentive to clients’ needs and ensure that they are satisfied with the project as well as the agency that helps produce it.

At times, they may also need to be the one to explain to clients why a project wasn’t or couldn’t be finished on time, within budget, and according to project specifications. This part of an account director’s job involves having a great deal of interpersonal skills since they have to positively and professionally handle clients’ concerns.

An account director will also have to cooperate with other managers and junior staff members within the agency to deliver projects and help the company grow in a strategic manner. This involves having a keen vision of short and long term goals, but also the knowledge of design, marketing, and other processes needed to fulfill a project.

Meetings and briefings are essential to an account director’s position. Being mostly an office-based job, the role of an account director often involves having to stay in during late hours in order to fulfill all the requests made by clients from different time zones. However, the upside of about being an account director is that traveling is involved as they may be expected to meet new clients and do presentations in person.

Overall, the ultimate goal of this job role is to be able to manage and foster a friendly, cordial and professional relationship with clients. Account managers should make clients feel like they can rely on the agency to complete the desired tasks. For this reason, account directors are considered to have one of the most important roles within an agency. They are clients’ go-to person in case of any trouble or concern related to the project.

Salary of an Account Director

On average, an account director earns $96,600 a year.

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