An account manager is someone who is appointed with the intermediary sales role between the company and the client. They are employed within a company for both marketing and customer support purposes.

Any account manager can benefit from being a people-pleaser, and oftentimes they are. Whatever the client desires, the account manager must deliver it. From handling client communications, writing reports, to explaining the client’s needs and expectations to the rest of the team, an account manager must be able to foster good relationships with clients.

Once a client has been approached through marketing efforts and is successfully won over, it is the duty of the account manager to keep the client on board and satisfied with the quality of the product or service. However, the account manager is also responsible for monitor spending and track revenue.

Since an account manager will have to be in constant communication with the client, it only makes sense that this is a role that focuses on upselling – offering a premium or upgraded product or service. In meetings, the account manager represents the client and has to provide fair, timely, and constructive feedback.

Account Management Skills

In terms of job skills, an account manager is expected to have a general understanding of how businesses work as well as a great deal of initiative. Being able to observe both the business landscape and clients to draw conclusions on market trends is another valuable skill. However, being able to juggle multiple financial accounts will be a must.

Other skills that are worth a great deal to any account manager are empathy, verbal skills and emotional intelligence. They do not always necessarily need to be the world’s foremost expert on accounting. 

An account manager is someone who is always available, and dedication towards their work will be an essential quality since timely communication and near-instant replies are those that help generate trust and foster a sense of reliability between them and their clients. Attention to detail can either make or break a client’s trust, therefore the client’s time zone must also be closely considered when working. 

To become an account manager, a university degree, preferably one in marketing, advertising or public relations, is a must for the role.

Salary of Account Manager

On average, an account manager earns $70,000 a year.

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