An advertising agency focuses on both the marketing and advertising activities of a company. Essentially, they help advise and assist companies in planning and delivering their advertising campaigns using design and technology.

In some cases, advertising agencies may offer additional services as a part of the overall package. However, they are often solely focused on marketing and advertising. Furthermore, advertising agencies may either specialize in certain fields or manage all of the general advertising needs of a single client.

Type of Advertising Agencies

There are three main types of advertising agencies. This includes:

1) Above-the-line (ATL) advertising agencies

These agencies deal with marketing that is done through the means of mass communication, such as radio, TV, and newspapers. They often work on projects on an international scale and have the budget to match. They typically do not work on small campaigns, such as guerilla marketing.

2) Through-the-line (TTL) advertising agencies

These agencies deal with medium to small marketing campaigns. They can manage campaigns that are deployed anywhere, from a regional to city and community level. As more and more money is being spent on advertising in today’s business landscape, TTL advertising companies that used to exclusively deal with medium-level and guerilla marketing are now transforming into ATL agencies.

3) Below-the-line (BTL) advertising agencies

These agencies deal with small marketing campaigns, such as those found online on forums. For example, a fishing supply store that may want to advertise on a fishing forum could approach a BTL advertising agency for assistance. The agency would then do the research and find the most optimal approach to do so. In this case, it might be hiring several people to patrol the forum and recommend products sold by the store.

Some other specialist advertising agencies include:

  • Digital advertising agency – from start to finish, these agencies deal with digital marketing, which includes online ads, apps, websites, programs and other digital offers.
  • In-house advertising agency – an offshoot of a company that does advertising for that company alone.
  • Financial/tech advertising agency – financial and technology fields are fairly tricky but these advertising agencies know all the ins and outs regarding those two fields.
  • Healthcare advertising agency – this type of agency scrutinizes all of the marketing activities to ensure that it is compliant with legislation.

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