An artworker is an artist whose job focuses on working with rough concepts. Some of their responsibilities include the processing of initial design materials for a project, alignment of fonts, evening out of colors and so on. Mock-ups and miscellaneous design visuals are also a part of an artworker’s daily tasks. 

The key attributes of an artworker will always be design consistency. The same way a proofreader is supposed to give textual documents an air of professionalism, an artworker tidies up the design materials using various software and hardware. It is important to remember that artworkers complement designers and illustrators but do not substitute them. They typically do not give and are not expected to give any creative input when it comes to design.

Furthermore, in cases where a design does not turn out exactly as envisioned, an artworker will the person who has to fix the situation. For example, while images may look amazing on a software, its colors may appear distorted when printed.  This is something that artworkers need to constantly check before mistakenly sending the work off for large-scale printing.

Artworkers are able to detect design and production problems before they arise, and they have a very good knowledge of how these issues can be solved right away. Thanks to them, production within a company can smoothly run through without any malfunctions or costly delays. 

Skills that Artworkers Need

In the past, artworkers exclusively dealt with printed media, however nowadays, they must equally know how to deal with digital media to succeed in their line of work. Therefore, knowledge of several platforms as well as how to make cross-compatible materials will be valuable for this job role. 

Due to the dynamic changes of today’s business landscape, artworkers’ skillsets are constantly expanding. In addition to acquiring skills with design software and hardware and knowing how to sort out design flaws, an artworker is also expected to have knowledge of Javascript, Word, Excel and XML. This will allow them to sift through a high volume of data at once.

Salary of an Artworker

On average, an artworker earns $45,600 a year.

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