An asset library is an organized collection of your company’s digital assets that exist online. This collection can include vector files, images, color palettes, fonts, and other available resources that are needed for design projects. Some of these available resources may include:

  • UI kits
  • Templates
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Color palettes

Essentially, an asset library will look just like a collection of folders and files. They organize all the different versions of files, making it easier for people to keep track of them. Asset libraries are constantly being updated, where new and most recent files are continuously being added to it. 

Importance of Asset Library

Asset libraries and knowing how to efficiently manage them are extremely important to today’s businesses. Asset libraries make it extremely easy for employees to access and retrieve all the files needed for a specific project. Instead of having to contact different people or head over to different online platforms to get these files, everything can be found in just one single space by everyone at any given time and place. 

With the advancement of technology today, we are offered with digital platforms that allow us to organize and store company assets in an effective manner. As every single person who contributes to a project will be able to access all types of resources in just one single space instead of multiple, this will also help save members from a lot of confusion. 

Team members no longer have to keep sending each other files, and this can help prevent mistakes of people sending the wrong file versions to one another. Once one error is made, the problem could disperse and become even greater, leading to a waste of time and effort. Asset libraries store correct files together and label the revised versions in a way that makes it easy for everyone to stay updated with all processes. 

At the end of the day, by having a well-organized asset library, this can lead to increased efficiency and productivity in companies. It lessens the amount of time needed for people to wait for others to send them the files, and it makes collaboration much easier between team members.

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