An outlined font is a text that has been turned into an image. They are used in cases where the text no longer needs editing, but the shape, size and other graphical details still need editing.

How to Create an Outlined Font

Modern design software offers conversion options for creating an outlined font. For example, in Photoshop, the option is found within the “Type” menu as “Convert to Shape”. When the text is made into an outline, the resulting image no longer needs the Photoshop program in order to view or print it. Once the conversion has been made, the chances of being able to edit the text will be near impossible.

Outlined fonts are useful in cases where font compatibility is desired above all else. If a layout with a custom font is sent to a different department or an external worker who edits and saves it without having the exact font in the first place, it will then be replaced with a default font, such as Courier. 

When is an Outlined Font Needed?

Converting text into an outlined font allows for more creative manipulation, such as overlapping individual characters. If color needs to be added to parts of the characters, having an outlined font will be a must. An outline can also be edited in other graphic design programs, allowing for a wide range of changes, such as thickening the letters or editing them into thin strokes. 

In general, turning a font into an outline makes letters appear heavier than the original font. This is especially useful when the font is extraordinarily thin but the conversion has to be complete. If the converted and unconverted text from the same font were to be set side to side, they will not match visually.

However, not all fonts need to be changed to an outline when the text is being sent to the printer. If there are any last-minute changes that need to be made to the text, it will require access to the unconverted file. The best approach is to keep several redundant copies and backups of each stage of editing as this will help prevent costly revisions due to error or lost files.

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