To redesign means to revise the appearance, function, or content of something. Hence, when it comes to branding, redesigning is essentially a way of transforming or upgrading the current brand visual design to make it more attractive and appealing to consumers.

A brand’s visual identity plays an important role in providing consumers with the first impression of the business, especially so when it comes to the logo. To further enhance consumer’s positive attitude towards the brand, improving the aesthetics of both the product packaging and overall brand design will be key. 

Although not all brands will have to go through a redesign, it is not something that is uncommon in the business world. In fact, many well-established corporates have gone through their fair share of redesigns. Depending on the company, this can happen every 5 to 10 years. 

The main reasons why brands decide to undertake a redesign of their visual identity are:

  • To convey the brand’s key qualities in a more efficient manner
  • To stand out from competitors
  • To make sure the brand’s visual identity is not out-dated 

If your brand or product hasn’t received the expected amount of interest from your target customers, this could simply be because your brand communication and visual expression are not attractive enough to them. As harsh as that may sound, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the end of the world for your business. A carefully thought-out redesign can come in to save you.

As a brand, you should always make sure that your logo design remains representative of your brand’s image and values at all times. Therefore, if there were to be any changes made to your business in terms of mission, vision, or values, a logo redesign should be taken into consideration.

Additionally, you should also make sure that your logo stays updated to current design trends. In today’s competitive markets, out-dated logo designs are an absolute no go, and this will also apply to your other marketing materials.

Rebranding vs. Redesigning: What are the differences?

One thing that you should keep in mind that is redesigning is different from rebranding. Oftentimes, the two terms get confused with one another. So, just to make it clearer for you, here is a short description of the differences between the two concepts:


Rebranding refers to the processes of rethinking and reworking the entirety of a brand’s core values. It includes updating the mission, vision, strengths, and values of the company to assure that the brand’s identity precisely matches how the company wants to be perceived by their ideal customers.


If the company has recently rebranded or faced other adjustments, a redesign will be needed. Redesigning involves the processes of updating the brand’s visuals throughout all its channels, making sure they are all up-to-date and relevant to the brand. By redesigning the brand’s visuals, such as the logo, packaging, and website, this can improve consumer’s perception of the brand. 

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