‘Tone of voice’ is a term that is often used when discussing the topic of marketing. To define it simply, tone of voice is all about the way in which you express the character, or let’s just say, the personality of your business through written and spoken words.

As the common saying goes “it’s not about what you say, but rather the way you say it”, this is basically what tone of voice is.

When it comes to tone of voice, you are essentially selecting the right type of language to use throughout your brand’s touchpoints in order to give it a voice that can easily be recognized by consumers.

Just like humans, companies also each have their own distinct character, and this is what helps them differentiate themselves from many of the other brands operating within the same industry. While some brands tend to possess a more luxurious and classy personality, some are rather fun, playful and witty.

Therefore, depending on how you want to be perceived by your target customers, it is important that you select a fitting tone of voice for your business. With a strong and consistent tone of voice, this will provide people with a unique impression of your brand’s personality, and this can enable them to resonate with your brand on a deeper and more personal level. 

Crafting the tone of voice for your brand can be considered a creative task in branding as you want to be able to reveal who you truly are as a brand to your customers. However, what’s critical to remember about the tone of voice is that it isn’t just only about how you speak as a business. It involves all the words you use throughout your business’ content which can include:

  • Website
  • Emails/newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Social media channels

Whichever tone of voice that you end up choosing, remember to maintain its consistency throughout your brand’s content as this will help you develop a stronger identity. Therefore, no matter what platform it is that you are producing content for, make sure that you stick to the same tone of voice. 

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